Tulip- Pasture Horsemanship Conversations from Fleeing to Participative

Three weeks ago I couldn't get near Tulip. After many Conversations with her learning to let go of her fear and flee, she's learning to try and become curious and willing during the human interactions. For those who missed the original videos, her Sales Pitch, and Week 1 https://youtu.be/BU0SDxd3F8Q , and Week 2 https://youtu.be/oJe-Y8XNuOY , Haltering https://youtu.be/SebMgGaryJM videos to see the progression. Unfortunately, her story of being the "Advanced Beginner" horse that turns out to be as opposite from that as possible is very common these days. #alternativeHorsemanship #RemoteHorseCoach #horsemanship https://remotehorsecoach.uscreen.io

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