Q&A with Alternative Horsemanship: Background, Horse Sounds, Mindset, Equine Communication

Enjoy this half -hour video as Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey the Remote Horse Coach shares her background and how she developed her training philosophy and approaches. She answers questions regarding horse communication, equine behavior, mind-set of the human, and much more. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to not miss any of the weekly Dear Sam: Horse Help Horsemanship Series Episodes or any other horse behavior videos. #alternativeHorsemanship #RemoteHorseCoach #horsemanship


  1. I just found this video now. It’s awesome. There is so much information in this short video. What struck me in particular was your reference to becoming passive. I have heard it explained before as the horse not being able to feel you in those moments and getting lost. I have something to work on. I have had given situations where the horse needed to be on the end of a lead line so the human could be safe but with your clinic now I see how I could be more specific with my interaction to help the horse be more focused on other things and relax to follow my direction. I also appreciate the idea that grazing is an aversion and avoidance instead of a place of comfort. This never occurred to me. Definitely things to ponder…..

    1. Glad if the video helped offer you some clarity... Sometimes the more scenarios we can relate a "common" underlying thought to in how we might/could communicate and support the horse in a variety of scenarios, the more we can see the value in refining how we do it!


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