First time leading the young horse- BLM Mustang Filly Alternative Horsemanship

Intro to leading Calamity Jane a filly BLM mustang. It took several weeks before I could touch her. Then after finding all her itchy spots multiple times, having her start to pick up her feet while loose, learn to be called off her feed, having her follow me around loose as I did chores in her pen, having her yield her head and follow the pressure of my fingerprints and take steps with me, I introduced haltering. I started filming right after I attached the lead rope for the first time. Most people watching would find this boring. Uneventful. Not exciting. That is exactly the point. Anything new with the horse shouldn't be big, dramatic, "or a story to tell later." But too often the human "thrives" on the scary moments they survive with the horse... for what? Bragging rights? Ego? And where does that leave the horse mentally, emotionally, and physically in their future interactions with people? Quality Conversations with the horse that he can retain, are based on thoughtful, specific, and clear Communication.

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