Heavy Horse Problems?

It is all connected
This is a great visual example of the "strings" I often talk about throughout the horse's body. The trickle-down effect of how one body part influences another, even if literally at the other end of the horse's body.
I've used the analogy of the string on a dog food bag; you start pulling one end, and the whole thing unravels. 

When people tell me about a horse that is heavy on the bit, resistant in the backing, difficult to hold a canter or lope lead, etc., there are usually multiple other factors contributing to the unwanted physical behaviors.

Example: I talk about when there is a heaviness in the horse pushing on the halter or bridle, and noticing and addressing unlocking the physical brace- or locked up feeling- that begins in the horse's hocks, despite the heavy feel of the horse leaning on the rider's hands.

By learning how each body part influences another -and refining its responsiveness and adaptability- the quality of the overall movement and softness of the horse can be changed without chaotic riding or containing equipment. It also changes how humans perceive what, and where "the problem" starts.

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