Horse Rider Mindset Hints by Alternative Horsemanship

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In peeling back the layers of why things fall apart, there is an imbalance of blaming the horse versus human self-observation and awareness.
Rarely is it popular to discuss how much the human mind and emotions can delegate how the horse interaction occurs.
Far too many people bring (without realizing it) distracting thoughts, fears, worries, anticipation, and judgment from previous sessions with the horse. They need to recognize that at the moment they are standing next to the horse, they need to be mentally, emotionally, and physically present.
Can we learn from the past? Absolutely.
Can we refine our skill set by being able to break apart how scenarios arose as they did? Yes.
But the reality is the time for self-reflection, and trying to understand the contributors to unwanted scenarios, is not the moment that we're haltering, leading, or tacking the horse. Because if the mind is elsewhere, we are not present, and it takes the horse less than about 10 seconds to assess our distraction.
And then guess what happens? He takes over or he responds to the emotional chaos we are bringing, and this leads to a vicious cycle of unwanted behavior.
Every moment with the horse matters to him, what if it had the same value to the human?
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