Horse Education- Rescue and Auction Bound Equines by Alternative Horsemanship

Thirty years ago, I never had the intention that my "specialty" would become helping very troubled horses due to their previous human experiences.

But here I am with probably 85% of the horses that arrive, are here for mental, emotional, and physical rehabilitation and then re-education.

The stories of their history, or the pieces that we learn, never cease to amaze me how the horrific combination of the human ego, time pressure, and humans lacking quality equine education, can sentence a horse to a life of trauma fear, or even a death.

But the most trying moments are during the one-on-one interactions when the horse's honest feedback reflects the severity of what he's been through.

The most amazing thing is watching horse after horse still try when given a chance. Seeing their curiosity reawaken, replacing the fear, and then offering to participate is motivation to help more.

Please remember, so much of what society deems as not "a big deal" or an insignificant moment, can often have a very different meaning to the horse. Folks are often surprised at how what seems to be a "minor moment" can leave a horse quite traumatized if he doesn't have a solid education built on trust.

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