Re-Introducing the Halter to the Fearful and Defensive Horse

This is Cinder a two-year-old horse that was rescued from a life of abuse. When she arrived she was fearful and defensive, wanted nothing to do with humans, and would try and climb over anything to get away from the human. 

The journey of reawakening her Curiosity, which will replace her fear, allows her to physically offer reasonable behavior. 

It is not one that you can make happen. It is about creating 2-way Communication, believing the horse's feet back, addressing their concern, and then allowing them the time to mentally process their new human experiences. 

This isn't about getting a halter on a horse, it is about setting the horse up for success for the rest of her life in the human world. 

Far too many people are rushing trying to accomplish a goal, rather than seeking the quality. Certainly, in the case of horses who have a history of abuse, there is nothing you will sneak past them. So the mental shift we need them to make must be 100%, otherwise, their old survival and behaviors re-emerge if humans attempt to contain them or make them comply, which will trigger the dangerous behavior.

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