When the horse is ready to ride

When the horse is ready...

People often ask how do I know when a horse is ready to ride and I'll tell them, "The horse will tell me."

Today I was working with Sally a mare who has some riding experience but carried a lot of containment and obedience. In our Conversations I opened the door for her to purge... and there was a lot she had to say. So her time here has been working on her learning to be able to express herself in a reasonable way without being obedient and then hyper-reactive.

Today I was ground driving her for the first time and she was just really with me; it was soft, she was willing, curious, and interested.

The oncoming storm was looming overhead but I didn't wanna stop and take time to saddle her up, so instead, I decided to hop on her for the first time.

It was a lovely short and "boring" ride of directing her thought and intentional movement. Just how I like it.

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